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Viareggio Cup

Viareggio Cup Ergebnisse auf haben alle neuesten Viareggio Cup Ergebnisse, Tabellen, Paarungen und Spielinformationen. Viareggio Cup Live-Ticker auf bietet Livescore, Resultate, Viareggio Cup Ergebnisse und Spieldetails (Torschützen, rote Karten, ). Viareggio Cup Live-Ticker. Live Ergebnisse, Endresultate, Viareggio Cup Zwischenstände und Match Details mit Match Statistiken.

Fussball: Viareggio Cup 2019 Live-Ticker, Viareggio Cup Ergebnisse

Viareggio Cup. Diese Übersicht zeigt einen Kurzüberblick aller Partien der ausgewählten Spielrunde mit entsprechend relevanten Informationen sowohl vor​, als. In dieser Übersicht werden alle Spieler des Wettbewerbs Viareggio Cup aufgelistet, die aktuell gesperrt sind oder aus sonstigen (nicht verletzungsbedingten). Der Viareggio Cup(offiziell: Torneo Mondiale di Calcio Coppa Carnevale) ist ein internationales Turnier für Jugendmannschaften, das in Viareggio (Italien).

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VIAREGGIO CUP: Bologna - Club Brugge 7-6 dcr (1-1)

Der Torneo di Viareggio oder offiziell Torneo Mondiale di Calcio Coppa Carnevale ist ein seit Jahrzehnten stattfindendes Fußball-Turnier für Jugend-Vereinsmannschaften im toskanischen Viareggio. Der Torneo di Viareggio oder offiziell Torneo Mondiale di Calcio Coppa Carnevale (Weltweites Fußballturnier Karnevalpokal) ist ein seit Jahrzehnten. Viareggio Cup 19/20 auf Transfermarkt: ➤ Ergebnisse ➤ Auslosung ➤ Marktwerte ➤ Rekordsieger ➤ Top-Torschützen ➤ Statistiken. Dies ist eine Übersicht aller Titelträger des Wettbewerbs Viareggio Cup. Es werden unter anderem auch die Rekordsieger und Siegtrainer angezeigt.

Around A. The first mention of Viareggio dates back to when a wooden tower guarding the coast was built. A little over two years later, in a military building named Turris de Via Regia was erected, taking its name from the road that linked it to Lucca known today as via Montramito.

In the following years the area around Viareggio, was involved in the hostilities between Pisa and Lucca, in their attempt to gain control over the coastal area.

The conflict was spurred by the desire of the Lucchesi to finally gain access to the sea, and to the Pisane fear of the economic competition of its rival city.

It is during these years that the feudal Lords of Versilia were forced to abdicate in favour of Castruccio Castracani.

In the following years the area upon which Viareggio would eventually be built was marked by a number of minor battles, invasions and pillages. In addition, the area was also affected by the pestilence which, recounted by Giovanni Boccaccio in his masterpiece the Decameron , spread throughout the whole of Italy.

In these years Florence expanded its control over Tuscany. Lucca, however, managed to maintain its independence in exchange for hefty financial penalties.

This directly affected the future of Viareggio which, from that moment, became the focus of Lucca's efforts to turn the town into its centre for commercial activities, and, in addition to the square-plan tower erected in with the aim to protect the port, several settlements started appearing.

The 17th century was perhaps one of the most difficult periods for the inhabitants of Viareggio; the area was insalubrious, malaria and other deadly epidemic diseases made the lives of fishermen and farmers extremely difficult.

Lucca, on the other hand, increased its efforts to drain the marshlands to improve quality of life and encouraged migration to the new town.

Slowly Viareggio changed its appearance; two small churches and as many factories were built, followed by a number of small shops. Meanwhile, its port became more active, while the cultivation of the drained fields started.

In Viareggio became a comune municipality. In , thanks to the work of hydraulics engineer Bernardino Zendrini the marshlands were finally completely drained and the town turned into a place where noblemen from Lucca would come and build their palaces.

With the invasion of Italy by Napoleon the Lucchese state was turned into a principality whose sovereignty was given to Felice Baciocchi , although the real power was in the hands of Napoleon's older sister, Elisa.

Elisa's government was characterised by unpopular measures such as those against the ecclesiastic patrimony. Similarly, most of her financial policies were of dubious effect, although some were welcomed by the locals, such as the adoption of the "Napoleonic Code", the adoption of the metric system, the introduction of mandatory vaccination against smallpox.

With the fall of Napoleon and Baciocchi, Viareggio was the centre of several acts of violence. In March the population openly protested against the French, an event which turned into acts of pure vandalism.

Viareggio remained under the control of the Austrians until when, as part of the agreements from Congress of Vienna , Maria Luisa of Spain was assigned the new Duchy of Lucca.

The years to come would wipe out any good action that had been taken during the Napoleonic rule, although the new ruler would contribute to the town's expansion by building its first marina seaside.

In Viareggio obtained the status of city. Following the death of his mother March 13, , Charles Louis of Parma took over the government of Lucca and greatly contributed to Viareggio's expansion, by building a new church, a royal casino and two beach resorts, the first ones to be built in Viareggio.

Viareggio, in this new scenario, developed as a seaside resort for the whole of Tuscany. In the city adopted its current coat of arms.

In these years Viareggio was the destination of many exiled intellectuals of the Italian Risorgimento who were tolerated by the local sovereigns.

During these years Viareggio's economy saw a very rapid expansion through its already recognised beach tourism and the newly expanding sailboat industry.

Its population increased from in to 6, in The beginning of the 20th century saw again a marked development of the coast and tourism industry which determined a drastic change to most of the beach.

Wood was very widely used in most building and, in , a large portion of the city was lost in fire in only one night. It was only during the fascist era that wood would finally be replaced by other materials.

During World War II Viareggio was subject to heavy bombings and entire suburbs of the city were destroyed.

Despite coming from various backgrounds and ways of life, each player had an identical goal in mind: Becoming a professional player.

Forza Series: Viareggio Part Two. Play Video. Forza Series: Viareggio Part One. It coincides with the Carnival of Viareggio , starting on the third Monday of Carneval.

The tournament runs for a fortnight, and finishes on the last Monday of Carnival. Since , the Torneo di Viareggio Golden Boy award is given to the best talent in the tournament including goalkeepers.

The player who collects the most votes by a jury composed of sports journalists accompanying the event is the winner. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved February 20, Torneo di Viareggio. International friendly association football tournaments in Italy. Torneo del Centenario di Juventus F.

Viareggio Cup
Viareggio Cup It coincides with the Carnival of Viareggiostarting on the third Monday of Carneval. The tournament runs for a fortnight, and finishes on the last Monday of Carnival. It also has its own professional beach soccer team Viareggio Beach Soccer. In Maria Luisaduchess of Lucca had the first marina of Viareggio built, which was completed inand took the name Kraken Tentakel Marina of T-Online Registrieren. Cambridge University Press. Around Viareggio Cup. Hellas Verona. Several hillside towns started developing in the Middle Agessome of which are still active. The current coat of arms was chosen in and replaces the previous Kinderspiele Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung dating back towhich Bayer Benfica Live an image of Saint Anthony from Paduathe first patron saint of the city. Lucca, on the other hand, increased its efforts to drain the marshlands to improve quality of life and encouraged migration to the new town.
Viareggio Cup This is the overview which provides the most important informations on the competition Viareggio Cup in the season 19/ We can start with Romelu Lukaku, Inter's dragger against Borussia Moenchengladbach, scoring at the Viareggio Cup with the Anderlecht march against Genoa; passing to Ciro Immobile, who as a good ex, chastised Borussia Dortmund, who between 20scored with goals at the Viareggino tournament, hoisting at the top of the gunboat /5. Alkass International Cup; MLS Generation Cup; Youth Viareggio Cup. Group Stage. Group 1; Group 2; Group 3; Group 4; Group 5; Group 6; Group 7; Group 8; Final Stages; Copa RS U20; ICC Futures Boys; ICC Futures Girls; Other Competition Matches Youth; Women's World Cup; Olympics Women; Women's WC Qualification Intercontinental Play-offs.

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Log in. One of the most popular events in the Torneo di Viareggio, which is officially known as the Viareggio Cup World Football Tournament Coppa Carnevale. Known as the Coppa Carenvale (Carnival Cup) It is an international youth football tournament that in will be its 70 th edition. One of the most important youth professional showcases in the world, the Viareggio Cup has produced world-class talents since , in what is truly a breeding ground for stars. The club's Under 18's will be on display in hopes of becoming scouted and becoming professional players overseas, whether it be in Italy or other countries in Europe. VIAREGGIO RE-CUP. focus dal torneo VIAREGGIO RE-CUP GUARDA LA SETTIMA PUNTATA! focus dal torneo VIAREGGIO RE-CUP GUARDA LA SESTA. The Viareggio Cup is a creation of the Centro Giovani Calciatori Viareggio or the Viareggio Young Players Centre,which was founded in Its overarching aim was to re-build a bright future for Italian sport after the considerable damage done by World War II. It's normal that it happens because the Viareggio Cup archive-Carnival Cup is a mine from which you can extract small stories and intriguing intrigues that can be useful, both to satiate the curiosity of enthusiasts and to confirm the label of ' crib of football international ' that the Viareggina demonstration wears with charm and an attitude sometimes owl. In this match you stick with Manuel Marras M. Walter Guerra. Federico Costa. Viareggio Cup. Signed in as: filler godaddy. WPSL Women's. Season One of the series will cover the team's Viareggio Cup experience inwith Part One being Ent Ul available for viewing online.
Viareggio Cup
Viareggio Cup

Viareggio Cup

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